New Mom Support

New Mom Support

Our caring for you continues after your baby is born.

Guidance from Certified Lactation Consultants
Dupont's internationally board-certified lactation consultants are specially trained experts whose goal is to enhance your breastfeeding experience. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with a lactation consultant if you are having problems nursing or if feedings are not going well at (260) 416-3240(260) 416-3240

You will be paired with one of our consultants who will review any concerns you may have, observe you and your baby during feeding and offer guidance to ensure both you and your baby are getting the most out of breastfeeding. Feel free to call back with any questions or schedule an additional consult if problems are not resolved. Typical concerns include increasing milk supply, resolving sore nipples, assisting with proper latching and poor feeders or NICU graduates.

If you need additional guidance, a private lactation consultation may be scheduled to help ensure you and baby are getting the most out of breastfeeding. To schedule a consultation or to ask questions about breastfeeding, call (260) 416-3240(260) 416-3240

Breastfeeding and New Mom Support Group
New mothers benefit from this network of friends and variety of topics discussed at our breastfeeding and new mom support group. Free group sessions take place every Tuesday and are facilitated by our lactation experts. Visit our online calendar of events for details.