Dupont Pharmacy

The Dupont Hospital pharmacy team is responsible for filling thousands of medications each year. Each prescription has to be checked, double-checked and checked again to ensure that the medication and the dosage are appropriate for each patient.

Our team of pharmacists and pharmacy staff are dedicated to the safety and well-being of each guest. That's why we put so much effort into each prescription.

First, the physician's order is confirmed by two pharmacy team members. If there are any questions about the medication or the dosage, we contact the physician directly for clarification.

Then we begin looking for possible interactions with food, other medications, even sunlight exposure. Depending on what we find in each case, we either label the medication with warnings or we contact the physician and begin looking for safer alternative medications.

When the prescription is ready to fill, our robot takes over. Yes, a robot. The pharmacy at Dupont Hospital is fortunate to have an automated robotic system that prepares medications for us. The robot reads barcode information on each medication then packages them for distribution. The robot eliminates the possibility of a person misreading a label.

Once all of these steps are complete, we're ready to deliver the medication. Our pharmacy staff will talk with you about your medication, what it's used for, when and how to take it, and any possible side-effects you need to be aware of.

We encourage you to ask questions, and we'll take the time to answer them. Call us with questions or concerns and above all follow the directions for your medication.