Leo High School Partnership

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Dupont Hospital is proud to be in partnership with Leo High School to prepare students for higher education and/or a health career.

The program begins in the ninth grade with guest lecturers from a wide variety of medical careers and includes biology courses and career exploration courses. A web-based program called PathFinder is introduced to ninth graders, enabling students to begin developing a career portfolio.

Tenth grade students continue with field trips and speakers. But the real highlight of the tenth grade curriculum is job shadowing at Dupont Hospital. Students are paired with Dupont team members in areas relating to the students' interests. This affords students the rare opportunity to experience a day in the life of a healthcare professional.

Eleventh grade students who have continued the Health and Related Sciences Career Major Pathway are enrolled in anatomy, physiology and medical terminology courses. Medical rotation internships are available for qualifying students, allowing the student to participate in many areas of the hospital over a period of several weeks. Classroom credit is earned through this internship.

Finally, seniors will have an internship or co-op experience in a career area of their choice. Students report to Dupont Hospital in assigned work areas, just like a real job. Time management, responsibility, ethics and teamwork are emphasized.