Breast Care Services

The Dupont Resource Center

An Environment of Comfort and Caring.
The Dupont Resource Center offers a range of breast care services for all stages of a woman's life. Our philosophy is to provide comprehensive care and information for women with breast concerns through appropriate education, counseling, examination and diagnosis. From mammography to lactation, we can answer questions and provide support for every woman.

I've Found a Lump! What Should I Do Now?
When a woman finds a lump in her breast there can be several causes. Most women immediately think of breast cancer when, in reality, the majority of lumps are not cancerous but still need to be checked out by a doctor.

Breast Health Navigator
Our breast health navigator provides services tailored to your individual needs, including comprehensive nursing assessment, rapid scheduling of all appointments and consultations, assistance with coordination of providers and procedures, symptom management and ongoing education and disease information. Our breast health navigator is your advocate for quality care.

A clinical nurse specialist is available to facilitate the scheduling of services, education and support. Contact the breast health navigator at (260) 416-3091 (260) 416-3091 .

Breast Cancer Patient Support Services
Dupont Resource Center, in collaboration with the Women's Cancer Center of Lutheran Hospital, provides comprehensive education about cancer, screenings, treatments, resources and support. We offer resource tools including a library, special education programs and referrals to appropriate community services. And, to help you heal and gain strength, we host breast cancer support groups.

Breast Surgery Patient Support Services
The option of breast surgery comes with a lot of questions. We can get you the answers you need concerning breast augmentation, reduction and reconstruction. We can also help with support and referrals.

Lactation Consultant
Breastfeeding may be totally natural, but it isn't always simple. We have lactation consultants who are dedicated to helping mothers during their stay at Dupont Hospital. Once home, you can still receive help if needed. In addition, we offer weekly support groups, complimentary outpatient consultations, free weight checks for babies and ongoing support for your breastfeeding experience.

For more information on any of these services, contact the breast health navigator at (260) 416-3091 (260) 416-3091 .