24-Hour Room Service

Delicious meals and tremendous service

Just like a nice hotel, Dupont Hospital provides room service for our guests. Meals are prepared to order from a menu of over 70 items.

Not only do we let you choose what you want to eat, but when you want to eat, as well. Traditional hospital food service works on the most convenient schedule for the hospital. At Dupont, we operate a restaurant-style kitchen that takes your order when you're ready.

Quesadillas, pizza, sandwiches, salads and many home-style meals are available most of the day and evening. We have a late supper menu, and snacks and drinks are available all night.

Even though this seems like a luxury, there are health benefits as well. "Guests need to maintain good nutrition while they're in the hospital," said Julie West, Clinical Dietitian, Dupont Hospital. "But that's very difficult if food is served when guests aren't hungry or able to eat. We find that, between the convenience and the selection, our guests are able to keep up with their nutritional needs."

While our guests certainly benefit from a medical standpoint, most also enjoy being well taken care of with delicious meals and tremendous service.