Kelli Green Chose Dupont

Kelli Green Chose Dupont

Few expectant moms plan on having their newborn spend time in a neonatal intensive care unit. Even fewer expect that special delivery to arrive more than a month early. For Dupont mom Kelli Roberson-Green, the recent birth of her baby girl is a prime example of how the Birthplace team is prepared around the clock for the moments when life takes an unexpected turn.

For the birth of their second child, Kelli and her husband Matt decided to check out the hospital about which they'd been hearing great things. A tour of Dupont allowed them see firsthand why there was such as buzz. After falling in love with the atmosphere, Kelli decided to have her child at the Birthplace. That turned out to be the easy part.

At 34 and a half weeks of pregnancy, Kelli began to have contractions. It was 10:30 p.m. when her water broke. Tired and understandably scared because it was too early to have the baby, Kelli arrived at Dupont late in the night, unsure what would happen next.

She remembers the first nurses to greet her on the labor and delivery unit as being upbeat and personable, each doing her own part to put Kelli's mind at ease.

Kelli and Matt's baby girl arrived early the next morning after 14 hours of labor. With everyone doing well, the family got to spend a few precious moments together before their little bundle of joy was taken to the NICU. By that time, friendships with the nurses were already growing.

Instead of using technical terms, Kelli was impressed with the way the nurses connected with her on a personal level. The closest bonds were formed with nurses Allison and Stephanie who cared for mom and baby at different points during their stay at Dupont.

"They looked after my emotional well-being and made sure I was okay with my daughter being in the NICU," Kelli said. "I considered them friends when I was there."

Those friendships became even more important in the days and weeks to follow when visitation to the NICU was limited during the peak of last fall's H1N1 outbreak. With Matt recovering from his own bout with poor health and unable to be at the hospital, NICU nurses became part of the family and a major source of support. "Everyone was either sick or too young to visit, so the nurses and Matt's parents were really my only visitors," Kelli said. "Having these established relationships made a big difference."

Because Kelli's pregnancy lasted shorter than expected, the expectant parents arrived at the Birthplace before they'd decided on a name for their baby. In recognition of the care they received during those first few hours at the hospital, and partly because they loved the sound of it, Allison was a natural choice.

After being discharged, Baby Allie returned to Dupont with her mom to help deliver flowers to Allison and Stephanie, two of the nurses who made such a great impression.

To prove that the Dupont Difference is often a true family experience, Kelli's cousin recently gave birth to triplets at the Birthplace. "I told her that the NICU rooms were all private and the attention to detail makes it a really nice atmosphere for your newborn," Kelli said. "The Birthplace at Dupont is amazing!"


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